Writing a setting description ks10

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Writing a setting description ks10

Used by hackers in a generalization of its technical meaning as the volume of information per unit time that a computer, person, or transmission medium can handle. On USENETa measure of network capacity that is often wasted by people complaining about how items posted by others are a waste of bandwidth.

An exclamation signifying roughly "I have achieved enlightenment! An old-style UUCP electronic-mail address specifying hops to get from some assumed-reachable location to the addressee, so called because each hop is signified by a bang sign.

Thus, for example, the path! Bang paths of 8 to 10 hops were not uncommon in Late-night dial-up UUCP links would cause week-long transmission times. Bang paths were often selected by both transmission time and reliability, as messages would often get lost.

See Internet addressnetwork, theand sitename. The title page added to printouts by most print spoolers see spool. Typically includes user or account ID information in very large character-graphics capitals.

A similar printout generated typically on multiple pages of fan-fold paper from user-specified text, e. The second metasyntactic variableafter foo and before baz. Often appended to foo to produce foobar. New computer hardware, unadorned with such snares and delusions as an operating systeman HLLor even assembler.

Real bare-metal programming involves things like building boot proms and BIOS chips, implementing basic monitors used to test device drivers, and writing the assemblers that will be used to write the compiler back ends that will give the new machine a real development environment.

This sort of thing has become less common as the relative costs of programming time and machine resources have changed, but is still found in heavily constrained environments such as industrial embedded systems. In the world of personal computing, bare metal programming especially in sense 1 but sometimes also in sense 2 is often considered a Good Thingor at least a necessary thing because these machines have often been sufficiently slow and poorly designed to make it necessary; see ill-behaved.

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There, the term usually refers to bypassing the BIOS or OS interface and writing the application to directly access device registers and machine addresses.

To fail to work because of unacceptable input. May mean to give an error message. Multiple bounce message s accumulating to the level of serious annoyance, or worse.

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writing a setting description ks10