Writing a cross examination mock trial tips

About a Teachers attended this two-day workshop which was conducted by Dr. The teachers were kept engaged and enthralled throughout.

Writing a cross examination mock trial tips

Thank you from Ipswich! The patients were amazing; not only having superb clinical signs, but also pointing us in the right direction should we be struggling! The clinical lecturers taught enthusiastically, with a good sense of humour; the mock exam and the way the lecturers responded during the mock was extremely relevant and useful for the actual exam.

The feedback we were given during the course reflected the style of the exam marking system and was invaluable for improving any "weak" spots. I definitely could not have achieved that mark without attending the course: I expected that the course might feel rather intimidating but the lecturers were enthusiastic, supportive and provided very helpful feedback.

The course gave me the confidence and the structure to approach more complex cases particularly neurology and 'work things out' in a logical way. Thank you for a really enjoyable and inspiring 4 days! I have already recommended the course to my colleagues and will continue to do so!

Taking your course 2 months prior to my exam made me realize the amount of work I needed to put in and it certainly paid off, as I was able to optimize the planning of my revision. I believe that I would not have achieved such a high score if it wasn't for this course. Thank you once again!

The course was exceptionally well organised, with fantastic teaching and a challenging case load. The organisers were kind enough to tailor mock exams for myself and several other MRCPI candidates to meet the criteria of the Irish exam. I feel the course played an integral part in my success on exam day.

I passed at the first attempt with the highest score at my exam sitting.

writing a cross examination mock trial tips

Sincere thanks to Dr. The variety of pathology seen during the course is priceless, with patients knowing their own clinical problems.

The tutors were fantastic and helpful. I found the MOCK exams really useful as they highlighted the weakness, and the areas to improve. Definitely recommend it to my colleagues Dr. I really would recommend both to candidates preparing for the exam.


Thank you so much once again. It is a credit to you and I am very pleased that I chose to attend. It was very professionally organised and it was a joy to see and appreciate in the flesh so many signs that I have only ever read about in textbooks.

Overall I think the exam was fair and I was marked in a reasonable way. I did lose marks in places - but I deserved to, and equally I was rewarded for good performance also, scoring full marks in several stations.

Thank you so much for running such a fantastic course, which I and four of my friends attended in January this year - all five of us were successful in our MRCPI in February! The teaching was excellently delivered and the personal constructive feedback we received each day was very beneficial.

Thank you also for focusing on the Irish long case and Irish marking schemes - it was much appreciated. I would highly recommend the PassPACES Course to others who are sitting the membership examinations, and I have been advising my fellow Cork colleagues to attend this course!How to write cross examination questions Each direct examination is followed by a cross examination.

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Preparing for that Big Mock Trial Cross-Examination, Part I (For Lawyers) | Mock trial blog Whether it is communicating with a client, the court, a judge or even the local copy shop, we need to know how to communicate.
How Do You Write Direct Examination Questions for a Mock Trial? | attheheels.com Forty-nine of us, forty-eight men and one woman, lay on the green waiting for the spike to open. We were too tired to talk much.
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During cross examination the witness, then she/he should not do so. Re-direct and re-cross are not required aspects of the mock trial higher score than one that has not.

Tips to remember 1) Use narrow, leading questions 2) Expose any. - Inter-House Power Point Presentation The Inter-House Powerpoint Presentation Competition was held on Tuesday, 30th October The topic for the presentation was 'Revolutionary Inventions in the fields of Communication, Technology, Energy and Transport'.

To write direct examination questions for a mock trial, draft witness-specific questions, focus on non-leading wording and keep the questions short. During the trial, listen to the answer provided by the witness and ask follow-up questions based on the testimony.

Mock Trial Rules of Evidence and Procedure

Paralegals can’t get away from the fact that everything we do involves communication. Whether it is communicating with a client, the court, a judge or even the local copy shop, we need to .

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