Wp3 final draft

Final Draft Authors Note: This was a particularly unique assignment as it was rhetorically multidimensional.

Wp3 final draft

Final Draft Author's Note: The most notable change that I made lies in the order of the paragraphs. I almost decided to move to the end of the essay's body the paragraph that describes the material composition of the art object. I went in the opposite direction, however, by moving it to the front, realizing that it was the only paragraph in the body of the essay that focuses most Monet's Table itself rather than the environment's impact on Monet's Table through aspects such as lighting and passing of time.

With the movement of this single paragraph, the paragraphs Wp3 final draft talk about lighting and how it changes with the passing of time are brought together. I feel this is an important alteration to the essay as a whole because these paragraphs are closely related.

To help support the flow of the essay, I also altered the paragraph that begins with "In addition to the aforementioned environmental characteristics As a result of shifting the position of the paragraphs in the body of my essay, I also found it necessary to change the order in which I outline my subtopics in the introduction.

Wp3 final draft

Thus, just as I reordered the paragraphs in the body, so too did I move the sentence "the material Wp3 final draft in the crafting of this art object helps to support the overall impressionist imagery of this piece" to the front of the outline of the subtopics.

Additionally, in the same paragraph where I added the transition sentence to the end, I also added the sentence "Colors and lighting effects are among the most important aspects of Monet's paintings. Aside from these changes, I made various minute changes all over the essay. Most of these alterations consist of simple changes in word choice that I felt either had a noticeable impact on my intended pathos or altered the overall meaning of individual sentences.

For example, I changed the word "However" to "To further support this" in the sentence that now reads "To further support this, the bridge's shadow doesn't completely cover the table, allowing the table itself to produce a shadow on the ground.

The final version of the JA1 WP5 pilot assessment report is now published | EUnetHTA

Also included in these small changes are various corrections in grammar, spelling, and punctuation. One last change I tried to make pertains to the functionality of one of my hyperlinks. The link labeled "brush strokes" evidently wasn't working for anyone who hasn't visited the linked website, so I relinked it with a change that hopefully fixes this problem for anyone who tries to use it.

And, with that, I leave with you this profound message: Statement of Purpose Impressionism was a major movement in paintings, sculpture, and even music, and was founded by the famous painter, Claude Oscar Monetfor whom the above art object is titled. Perhaps most prominent in paintings, the impressionist style is best known today for its attempt at recreating "visual reality in terms of transient effects of light and colour" Pioch 1.

In his art object, titled Monet's Table from the Lilypad SeriesMichael Todd uses various techniques to emulate this impressionist art style, which is supported by certain characteristics only present in three dimensional works of art such as sculpture.

The material used in the crafting of this art object helps to support the overall impressionist imagery of this piece. Additionally, the art object's position in its environment is used in a near limitless number of ways to achieve this effect, reflecting its surroundings upon its audience.

Last, but certainly not least, Monet's Table itself is altered in both minute and extreme cases by another significant dimension: The intricate combination of these characteristics--all unique properties of dynamic, three-dimensional art--work together to contribute to Michael Todd's employment of the impressionist art style, which just so happens to be most commonly known for its application in paintings.

Wp3 final draft

The material and the manner in which Monet's Table was assembled is representative of Monet and the impressionist art style that Michael Todd is employing. Impressionist painters often depicted that which they were painting through the use of small, clearly visible brush strokessometimes even making small dots with the tip of the paint brush.FINAL DRAFT OF FinancialCrisis.

Topics: Bank, Finance, Investment Pages: 5 ( words) Published: March 1,  Historical factors that led to the Financial Crisis in Saimire·Yimingjiang ENG BHCC In , the biggest financial crisis was erupted in the U.S.

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