Tertiary education should be free as

Submit For the betterment of the human race! The availability of great education is already open source and ready for anyone, with the motivation, to learn it. The perpetuating view of education as a rare commodity is a downward spiral, not only for individuals, but also for the nation as a whole.

Tertiary education should be free as

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Submit Yes, Yes, and Yes. As more people get degrees, jobs that required a High School diploma are now demanding Associates and Bachelor degrees. The lower your degree the more years of experience are demanded from you by the firm you are applying to. As a result, a college degree is becoming a necessity for High School graduates in order to find a job that pays a living wage.

The government should fund the universities and colleges directly rather than give out loans to students so that the students will not be overburdened by debt and be forced to move back with their parents. People are more reluctant than ever to start a family because they feel they cannot handle the expenses of a child while the married couple have yet to pay Uncle Sam his money.

People will be less likely to spend money, which is bad for the economy and businesses; especially when people are underemployed because of the current economic climate.

If the government wants to truly stimulate the economy, they will forgive student loan debt so that people can get that piece of paper that qualifies them for a job, start their lives, and get the money flowing out of the pockets and into the economy.

The schools can remain prestigious by accepting those who meet their standards, prestige should not be based on how much money you spend for your degree. This country could enjoy a well-informed and educated population that contributes a great deal to our nation.

As it stands today we as a country are one of the least educated among first world nations, and I firmly believe that this is because higher education is out of reach for so many.

It's a right, not a privilege.

This needs to change.Education > Free Higher Education Is a Human Right. Tweet. Free Higher Education Is a Human Right March 19, Richard Eskow. Social progress is never a straightforward, linear process. Sometimes society struggles to recognize moral questions that in retrospect should have seemed obvious.

Then, in a historical moment, something. Higher Education should be free. People have more opportunities for job and employment if they are educated meaning they have access to material conditions which they need for better life such as health care and some necessary services which give protection and safety.

Study or train fees-free If you’re planning to start tertiary study or training for the first time you may be eligible for fees-free support. If you’re a New Zealander or are ordinarily resident in New Zealand and were at school in , or (other than as an adult student), you may qualify for the equivalent of one years’ fees.

Should we follow the German way of free higher education?

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should higher education be free? 30% of their population has a tertiary qualification, compared to 32% for all countries analysed. The Guardian - Back to home. and especially public higher education, has been under attack.

public higher education should be free at the point of entry.

Tertiary education should be free as

In our society, free tertiary education is an inappropriate goal that fails to address the socioeconomic barriers of entry to tertiary education and, if achieved, would divert public funding away from services and institutions that benefit the whole of society towards an exclusive minority.

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