Scholastic art and writing awards of southwestern parts

An Award signifies to parents, teachers, the community and colleges that a student is an accomplished artist or writer. The Awards offer opportunities for creative teens to earn recognition, exhibition, publication and scholarships.

Scholastic art and writing awards of southwestern parts

Dean Shank, Mingyang's piano teacher at Rice University, assigned her a task to finish a comparative critical review of four artists' recordings of the Beethoven Op. Mingyang completed the review in eight weeks. Shank's opinion, the review clearly documents Mingyang's truly outstanding maturity and curiosity about today's performers.

Beethoven Tempest Review by Mingyang Yuan First movement For the first player, I think the eighth notes in the beginning are way too fast. In contrast, the triplets on the same page are too slow and the left hand base notes are not brought out enough.

The notes are all brought out very clearly, and it has great phrasing, but the whole piece lacks a bit of the spirit that this tempest needs, especially during the triplet parts.

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The softer long notes are played well, however it was a little dull. Overall, I really liked the exact clarity and tone of the piece, but the tempo of some parts bothered me, and I think it needed more spirit. Then, for the rolling chords on the third page, it was also played at a faster tempo than comfortable.

Then, the eighth notes were exactly the same loud, and there was absolutely no crescendo. There was also no accent on this certain part, which would sound better with one. This player, however, does very good triplets and seems to bring out the notes more to express the piece.

The last bit of the second page had too much pedal, which completely dulled the staccato. Some parts had too much pedal, so the clarity was lost.

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I think this person has the passion part of the piece, but maybe a little too much? The last part of the third page, left hand, was again too soft and blurred, and the right hand was too loud.

So overall for the fourth player, I think it was the exact opposite as the third player. The soft bits of the piece were played beautifully and expressively, but the louder parts, especially the triplets, were not handled the right way, and the pedal was down too much.

scholastic art and writing awards of southwestern parts

However, I thought the ending was beautiful. So, just listening to the first movement, if I had to choose a player who I enjoyed the most, I have to say the third player.

I know I had picked out a lot, and really, the entire piece was too loud, but I felt that this player had more passion than the others, and the clarity was amazing. I especially enjoyed the fast triplets part, which I personally think is the highlight of the piece.

Second movement I really enjoyed the beginning of the first player. It had a nice dynamic contrast between the chords and the top notes.

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Also, the clarity of the turns was played very well. The crescendos on the first page were amazing and very thought out. The mood of the second page third line was great, the player immediately transferred smoothly from the happier part to a slightly more mysterious part. I also loved the left hand notes toward the bottom of the second page and top of the third.

They were played very well, and added a nice affect to the melody.The Scholastic Art & Writing Awards provide teen artists and writers in grades with the opportunity to showcase their work as it identifies and documents their outstanding achievements.

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The competition’s mission is to bring outstanding visual art and writing to a national audience by showcasing work and encouraging young students. Below are the Plano ISD Southwest Region-at-Large art winners.

Gold Key winning works will continue in the competition at the national level in New York City. National medalists will be announced on March Since , the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards have recognized the vision, ingenuity and talent of creative students.

Senior Rachel Fickes looks at her sculpture Predatory Flowerbed at the Brattleboro Museum's display of Vermont Scholastic Art and Writing Awards.

Rachel's work won a National Gold Medal and an American Visions award. Students collect Scholastic Art & Writing Awards February 25, Spillane Middle School student Anish Ganti won a Scholastic Gold Key award for his Drawing and Illustration entry, Self-Portrait.

Yuba Sutter Arts and the Museum will collaborate on a joint regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards ceremony in February at the Burrows Theater in Marysville for students, their families, educators and the general public.

Scholastic Art & Writing Awards National Ceremony Thursday, June 7, 6 PM Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage URL Copied.

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