Rizal appreciation lesson plan

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Rizal appreciation lesson plan

His mother, Dona Teodora Alonzo taught him how to read a material in Spanish language and developed his mind and artistic talents by telling him wonderful and colourful stories and poems. Furthermore, his Tio Gregorio, a book lover, intensified his reading of good books.

The favourite pastime of Rizal during his stay in Madrid was reading. Instead of gambling and flirting with women as many young Filipinos did in the Spanish metropolis, he stayed home and read voraciously until midnight.

In front of the St. James church, Rizal and Father Sanchez made a huge relief map of Mindanao out of earth, stones and grass. This map still adorns the town plaza of Dapitan.

In Dapitan, he established an informal school for boys in January Classes were held from Monday to Saturday for two hours every afternoon, with Rizal teaching on a hammock while his pupils sat on bamboo benches.

This training enabled him to engage in civil engineering works. Among his achievements were the dam and waterworks he constructed in Dapitan in through the help of his pupils. The waterworks were built using stones, cast-off tiles, bamboo pipes, and mortar from burnt coral.

He also invented a brick making machine, and a preparation of bakhaw paste, useful for roof construction because of its water resistance, fireproof and lightweight properties. Through the help of his Jesuit teacher, Fr.

Rizal appreciation lesson plan

Francisco de Paula Sanchez, Rizal set up a public plaza and street lighting, and constructed a huge relief map of Mindanao in front of the parish church, now declared a National Historical Landmark by the NHI and an important cultural property by the National Museum.

He cultivated on it a variety of fruit trees, crops, and raised animals and poultry. In a January letter, he describes his property: The boundary of my land cannot be gone over in four hours. All of it is paid and I have my title in order.

The land is very fertile.KUANTAN: Deliveries of the Deftech Gempita AFV to the Army is continuing after production problems were resolved. Army chief Gen Raja Affandi Raja Mohammed said since the difficulties had been resolved, more vehicles would come on line in the coming months.

Rizal and the Ten-pound Sterling c. My Home, Jose Rizal (from the Young Rizal, translated by Leon Ma.

Rizal appreciation lesson plan

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1. show respect and appreciation for the national symbols of the Philippines; 2. discuss desirable Filipino traits and values; Lesson Plan created for Use with: Lesson Plan Written By Allie Daniels a hero.

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Dr - Rizal's Life, Works and Writings introduction. Jose Rizal Life Works and Writings of a Genius Writer, Scientist and National Hero Chapter 1: Advent of a National Hero According to the book of Zaide. Dr. Jose Rizal is a great person. Since his birth to the end of his life. Appreciation Lesson Plan ; Intimate alliance between religion.

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