Nazi germany and albert speer

His father gave him a job as manager of the elder Speer's properties. While they were there, his friend, Nazi Party official Karl Hankerecommended the young architect to Joseph Goebbels to help renovate the Party's Berlin headquarters.

Nazi germany and albert speer

January 8, Adolf Hitler and Albert Speer in Wikipedia On April 30,as Soviet troops fought toward the Reich Chancellery in Berlin in street-to-street combat, Adolf Hitler put a gun to his head and fired.


As Allied troops and the U. War Crimes Commission closed in on Flensburg, one Nazi emerged as a man of particular interest: Albert Speer, the brilliant architect, minister of armaments and war production for the Third Reich and a close friend to Hitler.

He did this through administrative genius and by exploiting millions of slave laborers who were starved and worked to death in his factories. Speer arrived in Flensburg aware that the Allies were targeting Nazi leaders for war-crimes trials. He—like many other Nazi Party members and SS officers—concluded that he could expect no mercy once captured.

Unlike them, he did not commit suicide. The hunt for Albert Speer was unusual. War Crimes Commission was determined to bring him to justice, but a Nazi germany and albert speer.

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A former investment banker named Paul Nitzewho was then vice chairman of the United States Strategic Bombing Survey, believed it was imperative to get to Speer. As the war in Europe was winding down, the Americans were hoping that strategic bombing in Japan could end the war in the Pacific.

But in order to achieve that, they hoped to learn more about how Germany had maintained its war machine while withstanding heavy bombing. Thus Nitze needed Speer. Speer is arrested along with members of the Flensburg Government in May On his first evening in power, the new leader gave a nationwide radio address; though he knew German forces could not resist Allied advances, he promised his people that Germany would continue to fight.

He also appointed Speer his minister of industry and production. On May 15, American forces arrived in Flensburg and got to Speer first. Nitze arrived at Glucksburg Castle, where Speer was being held, along with the economist John Kenneth Galbraithwho was also working for the Strategic Bombing Survey, and a team of interpreters and assistants.

Speer knew his best chance to survive was to cooperate and seem indispensable to the Americans, and his cooperation had a strange effect on his interrogators. He told his interrogators why certain British and American air attacks had failed and why others had been effective. Paul Nitze of the U.

Strategic Bombing Survey interrogated Speer in May After a week, Nitze received a message from a superior: Nitze did have something else he wanted to find out from Speer: On May 23, British and American officials called for a meeting with Flensburg government cabinet members aboard the ship Patria and had them all arrested.

It was all only kind of an opera anyway. In SeptemberSpeer was informed that he would be charged with war crimes and incarcerated pending trial at Nuremberg, along with more than 20 other surviving members of the Nazi high command. The series of military tribunals beginning in November were designed to show the world that the mass crimes against humanity by German leaders would not go unpunished.Albert Speer became Adolf Hitler’s chief architect for the Third Reich after the Nazi’s gained power in January Speer held this position until the collapse of Nazi Germany.

Speer held this position until the collapse of Nazi Germany. Albert Speer was a young architect and academic who became fascinated with Hitler and the NSDAP around 2. Speer joined the party in and came to Hitler’s attention after completing some architectural work for Nazi leaders.

Albert Speer - Hitler's architect and armaments chief

The Candor and Lies of Nazi Officer Albert Speer The minister of armaments was happy to tell his captors about the war machine he had built. But it was a different story when he was asked about.

Nazi germany and albert speer

Albert Speer was a German architect who is known in the history as ‘the man who built Nazi Germany’ and also ‘the Nazi who said sorry’ for accepting moral responsibility of the atrocities his Nazi Place Of Birth: Mannheim, Baden, Germany.

Berthold Konrad Hermann Albert Speer (/ ʃ p ɛər /; German: [ˈʃpeːɐ̯] ; March 19, – September 1, ) was a German architect who was, for most of World War II, Reich Minister of Armaments and War Production for Nazi Germany. Albert Speer, (born March 19, , Mannheim, that maintained production of war material for Nazi Germany.

At the Nürnberg trials in –46, Speer expressed remorse for crimes committed by the Nazis but denied firsthand knowledge of the plan to exterminate Jews.

Albert Speer Biography - Facts, Childhood, Family of Nazi Germany Architect