Mouse trap car research paper

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Mouse trap car research paper

Design a mousetrap powered car with the materials available. Standard sized mousetrap, approx 1 week timeline.

Research The main goal of the mousetrap car is to travel the longest distance possible.

Design Options and Training:

There are many things which can affect the performance of the car. This was learned the hard way: Do not use metal parts, instead, Balsa wood is recommended.

The most important part of the car is the mousetrap.

Mouse trap car research paper

Since the mousetrap offers a limited source of power, and it can only be wound once, it is important to harness as much mechanical energy as possible from the springs located inside.

To do this, The spring lever should be extended as far back as possible, while keeping it within the The mousetrap should also be placed closer to the front of the vehicle, so the lever used can be as long as possible.

Friction is a force which resists the lateral motion of a surface. In an attempt to minimize the surface area between the wheels and the ground, my mousetrap car was designed with three wheels, each as thin as possible. The back axle was also created with metal aluminum bushings, since they provide less friction and can be lubricated.

The back axle itself was created with wood, as it is a light weight material.

Mouse trap car research paper

The front axle was made of metal see warning belowagain because it provides less friction against the wheel and can be easily lubricated. The metal axle was too heavy, therefore either use aluminum or wooden axles, while avoiding heavier metals.

To increase the traveling distance, a few other techniques can be used. Large drive wheel to axle ratio The larger the ratio the farther the car will travel, since one axle rotation is equal to one wheel rotation.

Experiment with this aspect to find the perfect ratio. Using smooth wheels Smooth wheels are more efficient and allow a mousetrap car to travel further than knobby tires, even if they have less traction with the ground. If the ground was uneven and rough, knobby tires would be a great choice.

In this competition the tires would use up too much of the limited energy source available.Research paper about air fresheners mouse trap car project essays bhaiya dooj essay writer essay on why i should be allies mitt descriptive essay about food deadly unna essay.

TOPIC #3: SIMPLE MACHINES In my mousetrap racecar the two main simple machines that were used were the lever and wheel and axle. In each wheel there is a wheel and axle, and the lever is what pulls the string forward.

There are three different classes of levers, but in . Mousetrap Vehicle is a two person building event in which teams build a vehicle powered by one or two mousetraps.

The vehicle must be capable of pushing a 3oz paper cup 8 meters down a track, reversing direction, and stopping as close to the vehicle target point as possible. Nov 12,  · How to Build a Mousetrap Car.

In this Article: Article Summary Planning Your Mousetrap Car Making the Wheels and Chassis Engaging Your Car Community Q&A A mousetrap car makes for a great science project, physics classroom experiment, or a fun weekend K.

The mousetrap was constructed of a single, vertical chassis with the mousetrap attached on top with hot glue. Mini DVDs were attached to all-thread axles with locknuts and washers.

Because of experiments conducted during class, it was decided to use a full set of Mini DVD wheels and to wind the axle to a consistent, but approximate ° angle.

The car could not have any additional potential or kinetic energy at the start of the race, other than what is stored in the mouse trap itself. It may not be pushed or touched throughout the . Feb 09,  · Mousetrap Car Theory? I must write a 3 page, typed, double-spaced paper on the theory of a mousetrap car (storing potential energy to be converted into kinetic energy.) I can't seem to find anything on the internet about this Resolved. Inexperienced students can close to build a mousetrap car based on provided instruction, thereby guaranteeing success while still engaging students in the engineering process. Experienced students are able to challenge themselves by building any design that uses a mousetrap spring.

Physical Science Mr. Shepherd Mousetrap Car Project The intent of this project is for you to research, design, and build your own car from "scratch" i.e. from individual components you If you are building a mouse-trap car for speed, you will want the maximum.

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