Literature review of green hr

Public Interest Statement Public Interest Statement Ecological consciousness is the magic word of today that is promptly invading every dimension of our lives and workplace. Of late, our lifestyle both at personal and professional level started affecting the environment so adversely that we cannot risk to letting the effects go unchecked.

Literature review of green hr

Due to its diverse origins and many influences, HRM covers essential aspects of central concern in organisations such as individual, practice, educational theory, social and organisational psychology, sociology, industrial relations, and organisational theory Soderlund and Bredin, To date there is no widely acceptable definition for HRM and what it entirely involves in our daily business world Brewster and Larsen, Due the conflicting theoretical conception and hypothetical disagreement about the general acceptance of the definition, Price definition would be used to in this literature because it better explained and cover huge areas of the study.

According to Price An organization gains competitive advantage by using its people effectively, drawing on their expertise and ingenuity to meet clearly defined objectives.

Literature review of green hr

The dynamic and uncertainty in HR contemporary organisations are tremendously moving towards a radical dimension Analoui, Recent debate by many researchers have laid more emphasis about matching and incorporating the HR-department with other strategic functioning departments within organisation Literature review of green hr and Bredin, ; Analoui, ; Price, Lado and Wilsonp outlined a separate interconnected activities, roles, processes and other aspects that are aimed to attracting, maintaining, and developing the firm HR activities in contemporary organisations, such as: HR planning was initially an important aspect of job analyses and was often used as bases for determining strengths and weaknesses among the employees and to develop the skills and competences they needed Gallagher, As this aspect been scrutinised rigorously by many researchers, HR planning is still a complicating and complex issue of debate within the HR practices Schuler, InMcBeath addressed his view of HR planning by highlighting a set of issues that he regarded as being important with respect to the HR planning.

According to him, HR planning mainly involves the identification of skills and competence within the organization, the filling of identified competence gaps, and the facilitation of movements of employees within the organisation.

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An essential part of the HR planning is the succession planning which aims to ensure the supply of individuals and filling of gaps on senior key positions when they become vacant and replenish competences to areas where they are most valued Wolfe, The process of recruitment and selection is an ethical approach by a firm to seek and attract the most competent and suitable applicant for a vacant position Analoui, Price inferred that recruitment strategies can be divided in three significant approaches: These factors are quite complicating and can be easily mistaken during the process of hiring employees.

Suitability is a critical aspect hence it mainly concerned with the process of hiring the most suitable applicant for the position. The process of selecting and retaining potential employees is the greatest organisational competitive battle in modern days Pfeffer, Having the greatest talent simply implies that the firm will be able to compete aggressively in the market.

This phenomenon are quit prevalent in our daily business life and has also pushes organisations to gain a niche by employing the most renowned managers to lead the thriving future.

Internal recruitment channels mainly involve the use of intercommunication between other strategic areas of the organisation and the entire HR department. This approach enhances the firm to prioritise and target in-house or current employees Russo et al.

Internal recruitment can be fully considered when it is fair and transparent, since favouritism might occur; while external channel of recruitment base on the contrary.

Previous literatures argue the affordability of some organisations that deprive themselves for a single individual employee particularly when human resources are limited: He continues to stress that such perception about training implies that organisation should embark on a cost reduction strategies and focuses on in-house or on-job-training OJT.


Formal training is just one of the possibilities for organisations to enhance the personnel performance level, as important roles are covered also by organizational socialization Chao, and multitasking May, The approach to measuring performance can be classified as a three-step approach that composed by objectives, appraisal and feedback.

The first step is the setting of performance objectives that are quantifiable, easy to measure and simple to communicate throughout the organisation Dransfield, After that, the process of performance appraisal should take place Bredin, In as much that the human resource practices are intended to achieve result in this area; there effect can also have a tremendous influence on the aforementioned outcomes Bloom, This indicated that every employee will have to face with a logical decision in accordance to the present economical circumstance Tannenbaum and Dupuree-Bruno, As a result to that employee considerable effort will manifests into an intended realisations and fulfillment of a specific desire outcome.

Such manifestation enhances the explanation of the crucial aspect of organisational reward system and how it can be sustain and elicit the firm human capital investment Tannenbaum and Dupuree-Bruno The conceptions of both internal and external rewards are highly valued by organisations and its employees.

Not only the obvious fact that employees yearns more about promotional opportunities, higher pay or better benefits, but also their desires and anguish spins from autonomy, personal growth and valued responsibility.The review of literature is done on the topic and it has been found Green HRM is an upcoming topic.

environmental audit. The overall aim of the study is to contribute to the existing literature and highlight the major role of HR for Sustainability. HR managers initiate HR policies and practices, but it is the line managers that implement them because of their “direct accountability” over the utilized human resources at workplace (Nicola, eds).

A Study of Green HR Practices and Its Impact on Environmental Performance: A Review Muhammad Hassan Jabbar 1 and Muhammad Abid 2 1 Assistant Professor, GIFT University, Gujranwal a, Pakistan. Literature Review for Human Resource Management System 1. Literature Reviewfor Human Resource Management System IMPORTANCE OF HAVING A HRM SYSTEM Peoples or employee are considered as business resources for an organization.

1. LITERATURE REVIEW Human Resource Management. In a rapid competitive business environment, the procedures of outlining the role, function and process of Human Resource Management (HRM) within a dynamic and uncertain environment are ongoing for many decades.

Green HRM: A review, process model, and research agenda Summary There is a growing need for the integration of environmental management into Human Resource Management (HRM) – Green HRM – research practice.

A review of the literature shows that a broad process frame of reference for Green HRM has yet to emerge.

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