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Lai Gwan attends to her mother, Ama, who is on her deathbed. As the mother dies, she gives Lai Gwan her wedding gowna final token of love, and advises she go to Gum San in search of her father, who left years ago to find work in Canada. Act 1[ edit ] Lai Gwan disguises herself as a man and boards a ship for Canada. Meanwhile, Manli, an emigrant worker, has become a powerful bookman in charge of hiring cheap Chinese labour.

Iron rd

To her supporters, Sheikh Hasina is Bangladesh's "mother of humanity" for giving Rohingya refugees shelter, but to her detractors she's a creeping autocrat who has jailed Iron rd and muzzled dissent. Hasina, the daughter of Bangladesh's founder, won a historic fourth term as prime minister with a landslide victory in Sunday's election that the opposition claimed was rigged.

File photo of Sheikh Hasina.

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AP The year-old is lauded by supporters for overseeing a decade of impressive economic growth in the impoverished South Asian nation that was more commonly known for its frequent floods and cyclones.

Opponents, however, accuse her of jailing arch-foe Khaleda Zia on politically motivated charges, of orchestrating mass arrests, enforced disappearances and passing draconian anti-press freedom laws to try to cling to power.

Hasina was abroad in August when a group of renegade military officers assassinated her father, Bangladesh's first president Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, his wife and three sons. She started her political career as a hero of the people, returning from exile in to take over as Awami League leader and begin a long struggle to restore democracy in Bangladesh.

Economic growth Their rivalry has dominated Bangladeshi politics for the last 30 years. Hasina was first elected prime minister in but she struggled to emerge from the shadow of her father during her first term and lost the contest.

The pair were then imprisoned on corruption charges in by a military-backed government which had taken power in a coup. The charges were dropped and they were freed to contest the December election, which Hasina won by a landslide.

She has been in power ever since, presiding over economic expansion of more than six percent every year since GDP growth last year was 7. Under her watch, Bangladesh is on course to graduate from a least-developed country to a middle-income nation.

Poverty has been brought down to around 20 percent and nearly 90 percent of the country's million people now have access to electricity. Her fans also praise her for opening Bangladesh's doors to some one million Rohingya refugees fleeing a military crackdown in western Myanmar.

She has earned plaudits from Western nations for allowing the refugees to stay in camps in Bangladesh's southeast, while her supporters insist she should be given a Nobel Peace Prize.

She also launched trials of the powerful Islamist opposition over crimes committed during the independence war. Five top Islamist leaders and a main opposition stalwart were executed.

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Her opponents branded the war crimes trials a farce, saying they were a politically motivated exercise designed to silence dissent.

Instead of healing the wounds of war, the trials have triggered mass protests and deadly clashes. Hasina showed similar resolve in holding the trial of her main opponent and two-time former premier Zia, who was sentenced to 17 years in jail in two separate graft cases earlier this year.Iron Mountain is located on the north side of Highway 88 at the Mormon-Emigrant Trail Road.

Iron rd

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