How do you write a memo in spanish

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How do you write a memo in spanish

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Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity Subject: Instances of dissent emerged during the war in Vietnam and have reappeared periodically, e. We can now add Syria to this list. National Security Advisor Susan E. Foreign Service Officers are a unique collection of highly educated people, who take great pride in having passed the Foreign Service Exam.

Unfortunately the dissent signers are calling for America to threaten, and if our bluff is called, commit acts of overt, aggressive war against the forces of a sovereign nation on its own territory. Such thinking is not new.

Theodore Roosevelt popularized it as we went to war to annex Spanish territories in the Philippines and Caribbean — at the cost of over half a million indigenous lives — more than a century ago.

Three million Vietnamese people died in that war according to former Defense Secretary Robert McNamaraand another two million or so in its Indochina spin-offs. After this slaughter and the deaths of scores of thousands of its own troops, the U.

Assad will feel no pressure to negotiate with the moderate opposition or other factions fighting him. Russia subsequently helped negotiate the cease-fire. Those tensions increased on Thursday when, according to a senior Pentagon official, Russia conducted airstrikes in southern Syria against American-backed forces fighting the Islamic State.

National Security Advisior Susan E. Rice listens at left. The 51 are silent on this point of major importance.

Facts show, however, that outside interveners — primarily the United States, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Israel and Saudi Arabia — cooperated in lighting the match that brought the inferno of civil war. Covert funding and provision of weapons and other material support to opposition groups for strikes against the Syrian Government provoked a military reaction by Assad — which created a pretext for our enlarged support to the rebel groups.

A large body of evidence also suggests that it was the U. It was a direct consequence of the U. We have thus helped start a war and then have the audacity to pretend to be shocked at the consequences of our own action.

The State Department dissenters were not the first to land a blow in this new PR battle over the course of U.

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The CIA, which supports those rebel groups, rejects that claim, saying alliances of convenience in the face of a mounting Russian-led offensive have created marriages of battlefield necessity, not ideology.

The intelligence community, which backed opposition forces in Aleppo, believes ISIS cannot be defeated as long as Assad is in power. The terror group, they say, thrives in unstable territories.

how do you write a memo in spanish

And only local forces — like the ones backed by the CIA — can mitigate that threat. As long as there is a failed leader in Damascus and a failed state in Syria, [ISIS] will have a place to operate from. This unnamed official conveniently ignores the fact that the U.

After 15 years of strident rhetoric about waging a war on Al Qaeda, we have now come full circle to witness the CIA and a vocal bloc within the State Department advocate to arm and train an Al Qaeda affiliated group. The Saudis also have reportedly funneled significant money into key sectors of the U.

More evidence is coming to light that the Saudis have given significant amounts to the Clinton Foundation. In sum, the latest memo from the 51 State Department officers is just one more alarming indication of disarray and failure within the U.

This could provide them initially with a sense of affirmation — then later, an education. Also see earlier remarks by individual VIPS members: Peter Van Buren, U. Department of State, Foreign Service Officer ret.Automatic works cited and bibliography formatting for MLA, APA and Chicago/Turabian citation styles.

Now supports 7th edition of MLA. According to MLA style, you must have a Works Cited page at the end of your research paper.

All entries in the Works Cited page must correspond to the works cited in your main text. Aug 20,  · How to Write the Date in Spanish. Five Methods: Learning the Basic Form Knowing Your Vocabulary Learning Related Words and Phrases Numbers Cheat Sheet Date Cheat Sheets Community Q&A When you write the date in Spanish, you use a slightly different form than you may have learned in English, especially if you are 93%(16).

Aug 19,  · The best way to write a memo is to start with a 1-paragraph introduction that explains what’s happening or what you want people to do and why.

Then, write a body that includes more background information and evidence that supports the decision you’re notifying people about%(). Thank you, if it takes Zombies to get the general public aware of disaster preparedness maybe you (the CDC/FEMA) should use them in public service announcement spots during prime time.

While you were out, I left the messages you received on the memo pad on my desk. Mientras estabas fuera, dejé los mensajes que recibiste en .

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