How can images improve medical workflow essay

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How can images improve medical workflow essay

Feature February 04, Ian Gardiner, M. The radiologist can describe each lesion by selecting descriptors and adjectives from a drop down menu. Cancer mortality rates have decreased as new technologies have been introduced into the field of healthcare, but these new technologies can sometimes present new challenges.

There is no better example than in the fight against breast cancer. In the past decade, MRI has joined mammography and ultrasound as one of the leading tools to detect breast cancer at its earliest stages, when it is most successfully treated.

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Used together, these modalities offered tremendous hope to women who either have breast cancer or who are afraid they might develop it. But the addition of breast MRI has not been without difficulties.

How can images improve medical workflow essay

Whereas a typical mammogram might consist of six images and a standard breast ultrasound study might have two dozen images, breast MRI frequently generates more than 2, images for the radiologist to review.

In addition, there is a demographic shift in which a greater proportion of the population is entering their high-risk years for breast cancer. Making matters worse, breast imaging is consistently rated by radiologists as their most difficult work, and it has a reputation for being the most litigious.

Young radiologists are reluctant to enter into the field, and the number of radiologists interpreting breast images remains static.

The result is a dramatically increased workload for each radiologist. Managing Image Workload One of the most important tools for assisting radiologists with large-volume workloads is computer-aided detection CAD software.

However, CAD differs in purpose and function for each technology to which it is applied. With mammography, the purpose of CAD is to highlight areas that might be abnormal. By doing so, it is designed to improve on the moderate sensitivity of mammography.

Breast MRI CAD is primarily a workflow tool, designed to help the radiologist manage the large data files, describe any abnormalities on the images, and convey that information to the referring physicians and patients.

At the same time, it can correct artifacts associated with motion. The MRI camera does not obtain the images in the order in which the radiologist wishes to review them. These hanging protocols can be saved and customized for each radiologist, site and type of exam.

Whereas a typical case might take 45 minutes to report without CAD, the same case can be finished within 10 minutes with the aid of CAD software.

These time savings are possible because the CAD software is able to automate many of the routine measurements the radiologist must make. It is not sufficient for the radiologist simply to identify an abnormality. The lesion must be measured in three dimensions.

First, where is it located. Second, how far is it from the skin, chest wall and nipple. Third, where is it in relation to other lesions. The radiologist could answer many of these questions by clicking and dragging, but it is far easier to automatically identify the region of interest in the computer generated data.A Mathematical Solution to String Matching for Big Data Linking free download This paper describes how data records can be matched across large datasets using a .

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How can images improve medical workflow essay

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Health IT, used well, can improve efficiency and organizational workflow. In health care, redundant information is often created and stored.

As a result, care providers spend a great deal of time reconciling information from various sources. CAD Improves Breast MRI Workflow. CAD software is very different from CAD used in other areas of medical imaging.

Breast MRI is an extremely sensitive tool, therefore, CAD software is not needed to improve its sensitivity.

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Motion is one of the most common artifacts seen on breast MR images. Again, CAD software can help with this problem. Quality Improvement Process Using Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA) – Planning for Action Kathy Hybarger, RN, MSN Think of ways you try to improve your own to other populations medical, surgical, pediatrics) Principles for Testing • Test to evaluate if a new idea or innovation will work.

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