Domestic violence against women and children essay

C-Funding and encouraging specialized organizations Imagine this incident. The husband returns home and he is very tired and stressed out. He is upset because his boss gave him a warning. He is also upset because some stranger had parked in his space in front of the building.

Domestic violence against women and children essay

Short Essay on domestic violence Dr. Meenakshi Essay on domestic violence Domestic violence is present in almost every society of the world. The term can be classified on various bases. Violence against spouse, children or elderly is few of some commonly encountered cases.

There are various kinds of tactics that are adopted by the attacker against the victim. Domestic violence is not only a problem of the developing or under developed countries.

Domestic violence against women and children essay

It is very much prevalent in developed countries also. Domestic violence is a reflection of our pseudo-civilized society. There is no place of violence in the civilized world.

But the number of cases that are reported every year raise a high alarm. And this is not the complete picture, as; most of the cases go unregistered or unnoticed in everyday life.

This is a very dangerous trend creeping in our society and has to be dealt with iron hands. Women and children are often the soft targets. In Indian society the situation is really gruesome.

A significant number of deaths are taking place on daily basis, as a result of domestic violence only. Illiteracy, economical dependency on men folk and the otherwise male dominated society is some of the attributing factors to the problem. Dowry is one of the leading causes that results in violence against the newly-wed brides.

Physically assaulting women, making horrendous remarks and depriving them of basic humanly rights are often showcased in many parts of the country. Similarly, children are also made the target of this inhuman behaviour. Serious in-sighting is required in the matter.

The double standards and hypocrisy of the society members is evident in such matters. Many times, the abuser is either psychotic in behaviour or requires psychological counselling for this errant behaviour.Essay Domestic Violence Introduction Domestic Violence Against Women is a global issue reaching across national boundaries as well as socio-economic, cultural, racial and class distinctions.

It is a problem without frontiers. Not only is the problem widely dispersed geographically, but its incidence is also extensive, making it a typical and . Domestic Violence (Argumentative Essay Sample) May 17, by admin there are other forms of domestic violence that also affect men, women, and children.

Domestic violence occurs in different forms of not only sexual abuse, but also physical abuse, and mental abuse. Each individual needs to raise their voice against injustices against. Domestic Violence against Women as a Grave Threat to Society Domestic violence, or intimate partner violence as it is also referred, is a serious problem in today’s society.

Domestic violence against women and children essay

This paper will focus on physical violence and abuse against women, though other types of abuse exist. Free Sample Essay on Violence against Women Article shared by Violence against women is not a new or recent phenomenon women have been the victims of violence all through the age, in all societies, cultures regions or religious communities in the world.

- Violence against children is a phenomenon happening worldwide, in forms of physical, psychological violence. Children are deprived of care, basic social services, health care and education, child abuse, neglect, exploitation, forced to beg, trafficked.

Domestic Violence 2 Domestic Violence Against Women and Children The statistics of domestic violence are rising each year despite the increase of the availability of help for the victims that this affects.4/4(1).

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