Digi business plan free phone

September 12, at 6: Because I had sent to for many time not yet answer. Thank you for your cooperation Ms. Malar September 15, at 2:

Digi business plan free phone

Cynthia, you are welcome! Which one are the cheapest?

digi business plan free phone

Now they are saying that its 5 cents for sms for same network and 15 cents for different network. This is because the dont break down how much each sms cost. The amount is jumbled up and nobody takes the amount and divide it with the number of smses.

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My limit was set at RM and my bill had gone up to RM6xx. Just imagine what will happen if your line has been hacked by others and make their calls to overseas? The only problem is the coverage.

SMS and calls details can always be checked online and this is very nice. I will share my view. Even Maxis looks expensive, but RM30 that you pay for the monthly commitment for the supp line will cover your usage up to RM30 with the same rate as the principal line.

If you use more than RM30 quota, then you should pay the additional charges. On the other hand, if you are using Celcom, you fee of RM5 does not include you usage. Else, the cost of calling is 30sen per min. From my experience using a celcom and maxis i think maxis is really good for me and celcom is just a nightmare and lot of hidden charge.

The commitment for subline is RM30 not RM5. Their operator services also is quit blurr about their promotion and services, everytime i call they gimme a different explanation.

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Only use it for 2 month and yesterday i change to DiGi. Why last time i get out from Maxis even they gimme a got plan? Because my area Maxis coverage is not quit good: Its imposible bcos im using prepaid bfore that, and it was like 8 months back since we started to use this plan.

We ask for the call history and they cudnt provide.Promote Digi Business Plan/ Corporate Plan. Free smart phone. Renew, new registration, mnp convert service. Special number search etc. Some phones & technology update. Sunday, July 16, DiGi New Business Plan - Go DIGI Announced 14th Jul Good news for business user & corporate company.

May 03,  · I assumed readers here who are looking for a best deal of monthly lowest commitment fee plan are budgeting for a package below RM Because there are other better packages available for those users who spend more than RM50 per month. Elevate your business experience in the growing digital age with Digi.

Discover our suite of business solutions and services and enjoy roaming freedom, customised solutions, and dedicated customer support with a digital ready network. Learn more here.

UPDATE: DiGi's lowest iPhone 6 plan, iDiGi 50 is tied with 12 months contract. DiGi too has revealed its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus pricing on its website where. attheheels.com: Digi Chip GB Micro-SD Memory Card for LG Ray, LG G5, LG G4, G4c, LG V10, LG X Screen, LG X Cam & LG Stylus 2 Phone Smartphone: Electronics.

Prepaid biGBonus 4G Phone Bundle.

digi business plan free phone

Get a brand new iPhone 6 & FREE GB for RM1,! Keep it! Make the switch to Digi online and enjoy free delivery on your Digi Prepaid™ SIM.

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