Czech beer essay

Similarly, the role that Czech brewers, technology and ingredients have played in global beer culture seems unfairly unrecognized. Those names certainly do sound German.

Czech beer essay

Shares 0 shares Views The Czech Republic is a paradise for beer lovers. Some of the best beer in the world is produced here, and the pubs throughout the country are full of appreciative drinkers. Get to know these Czech beer facts for a sense of how important pivo is to the local culture.

Czech Beer Fact 1. The Czech Republic drinks more beer per capita than any other nation in the world. No matter which global beer survey you come across, the Czech Republic sits on top.

One of the most reliable is performed by the Kirin brewery in Japan, and the Czech Republic has been 1 every year since they started measuring global beer trends 21 years ago. Inthe average Czech person drank liters, nearly 40 liters more than any other nationality.

The average American drinks 76 liters per year, and the average UK resident consumes 67 liters. That works out to more than a oz.

The Czech Republic is the number 1 beer-drinking nation Photo credit: Nearly everyone here, even famous politicians and authors, is obsessed with beer.

It deserves a special category all to itself, and beer is a matter of national pride. The first brewery in the region opened in AD. The kingdom of Bohemia, which made up the western half of the present-day Czech Republic, was just as passionate about brewing as their neighbors in Bavaria.

Beer was often brewed by monks in monasteries, who were allowed to drink beer during fasting periods. The 13th-Century punishment for stealing hops was death. It just goes to show how important hops were and still are to the local economy.

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One reason countries like Germany, the UK and the Czech Republic have long brewing traditions is the fact that hops thrive in cooler climates which get a lot of rain. The Czech Republic is home to the original Budweiser.

German was the official language for much of Czech history, and is also the language of origin for many beer-related terms. Communism severely crippled the Czech brewing industry. For many centuries, nearly every Czech town and village had their own local brewery.

The end result was the rise of larger breweries and mass-produced beer, while most of the smaller ones went out of business due to a lack of funds to keep them running. Luckily, the number of smaller microbreweries has been rising steadily over the last decade or two, although there are still fewer today than a century ago.

Czech beer essay

A higher percentage of malt means more sugar, which results in a higher alcohol content and a stronger flavor minus the bitterness, which comes from the hops. In past times, a low-alcohol, 8-degree beer was produced for glassworkers who needed refreshment while working in the sweltering factories.

Old-school Czech beer drinkers sometimes prefer more foam than beer. You may also come across people drinking a glass half-full of foam, with a bit of golden lager at the bottom.

Back in the day it was a common way to test the quality of the beer, where you experience both the sweet taste of the foam and the bitter flavor of the beer.

Are you used to this much foam in your beer? Early to the pub, early to leave. This is because beer halls are considered places to socialize with friends or colleagues, not places to party all night.Why can be Czech beer be produced only in original Czech breweries?

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Czech beer is world renowned brand. Why is it so unique, and why is it not produced elsewhere? [tags: Brewery Alcohol Beer Essays] Free Essays words ( pages) In , a Czech Republic town produced its first pilsner beer.

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If so, you have come to the right . I grabbed a crepe while Tiff snacked on Czech fare and dad focused his sights on sipping a couple of beers from the stands. Though I’m not a beer drinker, his five beers from the afternoon would lead me to believe that Prague is home to some good beer.

Czech Republic, in , was announced as the highest beer consuming country per capita in the world, consuming approximately standard milliliter bottles, for a total of 1, kiloliters and 9 liters per capita volume, according to a report by the Kirin Research Institute of Drinking and Lifestyle ().

The Czech nation - and its beer - did not recover until the "national awakening" movement of the 19th century, when the Czech language, Czech culture, Czech institutions and Czech beer were reinvented - Pilsner Urquell was born in , and the new technique of brewing light beer spread rapidly.

What I found serves as a good illustration of how Czech brewing has impacted the beer culture in other countries — without being recognized for doing so. Get “Why Beer Matters,” the best-selling essay on the world’s best-loved beverage.

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