Computers can replace books

Presper Eckert, who got funding from the war department after promising they could build a machine that would replace all the "computers", meaning the women who were employed calculating the firing tables for the army's artillery guns. The day that Mauchly and Eckert saw the first small piece of ENIAC work, the persons they ran to bring to their lab to show off their progress were some of these female computers one of whom remarked, "I was astounded that it took all this equipment to multiply 5 by ".

Computers can replace books

Computers — A Blessing Or Curse? Advantages Of Computers Is computer education important in India? What are the advantages of computers for young children? What about the disadvantages of computers?

How do the advantages and disadvantages compare? How do children learn computers? Which is the right age to get Computers can replace books started and what should be their minimum skills? Is there an maximum age learn to use the computer? Any benefit to starting early?

What role does educational software play? What role do popular characters play in developing computer literacy? How can parents help in developing computer literacy?

What is the role of computers in the lives of young children? What can we conclude from this discussion? Why is computer education for young children a growing concern?

Computers can replace books

Over the past few years, computers have become a vastly popular household item. The luxury of emailing messages as opposed to charging up the phone bill is more appealing. Checking news, weather, and sports via the Internet is a convenience that many are taking advantage of.

Computers and Internet are here to stay and software titles targeting young children continue to increase. Computer science is has become a compulsory subject in Indian schools. Today, We find computers in use everywhere, whether we go to reserve a train ticket or to a Bank.

So Parents too have realized the need to help their children develop strong computer skills. Children are learning to read and write with computer games instead of homemade flash cards.

They are reading their bedtime stories online instead of in bed with their parents. Many parents are buying computer learning games instead of board games and pop-up books. Parents are leaving the learning up to the computers and spending less quality time with their children.

The most important learning step for children is interaction with others. If they are sitting in front of the screen all day, they do not learn to share, wait their turn, or even something as simples as manners.

Children need to be in contact with other children, adults, and animals. They need to experience things first hand not off a computer screen. When children log on to the computer their innocence is noticeable.

Children are an easy target for adults who pose to be other children with similar interests. Sexual offenders often chat online with children and then make plans to meet them or slowly filter information about them.

Children are innocents and honesty on the computer can pose some huge problems. They do not know any better and usually it will only harm them in the end.

One benefit of the computer age is that children are becoming smarter. They are growing up computer literate and will have that as a huge advantage.

Computer literacy is becoming a huge job qualification and feeling comfortable with one will put them a step ahead. Children will also be able to complete homework on line. In some places, if you miss school you can find out the assignments that you miss and catch up.

This is very helpful if your child comes down with the flu, but do you want them to feel like it is okay to miss school because they can catch up with their computer?An illustrated history of computers with over 50 rare photos. The New Division of Labor: How Computers Are Creating the Next Job Market [Frank Levy, Richard J.

Murnane] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. As the current recession ends, many workers will not be returning to the jobs they once held--those .

An illustrated history of computers with over 50 rare photos. Could Artificial Intelligence Replace Our Teachers? Artificial Intelligence has been in the news a lot lately, from ominous warnings of its future implications from academic leaders like Stephen.

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