Comparing different views on the second battle of bull run

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Comparing different views on the second battle of bull run

For the last year I have run one of the most successful College Republican chapters in the country and have represented all of the College Republican chapters in the 6th District which currently has the most CR chapters in Virginia.

As I was preparing to take over as Chairman of my College Republicans chapter I was advised by several people I hold in high regard that it would be difficult to remain neutral as a CR chair and provide the most unbiased platform for campaigns if I was directly involved with a campaign.

I took that to heart. While serving as CR Chairman I have not taken any paid political jobs. I even took it a step further and refused to make endorsements of any candidates until they received the official Republican Party nomination.

What I did do was keep my head down and lead my College Republican chapter to make nearlyvoter contacts including knocking on roughly 30, doors in the fall.

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I was raised with the belief that we are made with two ears and one mouth for a reason and for the last year I have rarely used my mouth. I have sat quietly and listened but now it is time to discuss some of the things I have encountered and to set the record straight on what has become a convoluted disaster of a Congressional race.

The sixth district convention is just a few short weeks away. As delegates, we will be called on to decide who will represent our Party for Congress in November, but there are people involved who are doing everything they can to make sure we stay at home.

They would have us believe there is some conspiracy between the district leadership and the Dunbar campaign to rig the convention. They have told us the committee has made decisions in favor of one campaign over the others. These are just talking points and are simply not true.

The reality is that there have been numerous attempts to mislead delegates about Cynthia Dunbar. In fact most of these attacks have been personal attacks on her in an attempt to convince us to vote for anyone but Dunbar.

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They have sent out fake emails, planted stories under fake names, and made up vicious lies about Cynthia Dunbar, her family, and her campaign. Their actions have not been in response to a rigged party process but are rather a well-orchestrated smear campaign intended to tear down a candidate they see as a threat.

They see Cynthia as a threat because she is bringing in new people to participate in party processes and they are finding it difficult to exert control over you. The conduct of various members of these campaigns is beyond hard-ball politics. On April 27th, while talking about the 6th convention, Mr.

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Hall holds the opinion that church people have no place in the political process. Hall is directly affiliated with the Ben Cline campaign and if Mr. Cline does not share Mr. If this is how the Cline campaign feels about me, then I want no part of it.

Of course here is where the Cline campaign will tell you that Mr. The Cline campaign should be condemning the actions by its members such as Ginger Berg and Matt Hall, and the instruction of coordinated attacks on Cynthia Dunbar. Additional screenshots showing these names are available — but left out to preserve space.

Many of you who have signed up as a delegate for this convention are participating in a party function for the first time. To you I want to apologize for this being your inaugural experience.

Republicans should be about robust but honest debate. Our field for the election has an amazing amount of diversity in both experience and ideas for solutions. Unfortunately, the ugliness that has grown out of places like this Facebook group has overshadowed honest differences and has stunted useful debate.

I have been shocked on more than a few occasions when individuals have lashed out at me for having a different opinion on issues like the structure of the convention or had a different opinion on a candidate.

These are people who I count as friends and out of respect for them I will not mention their names because I have no desire to attack them.At the turn of the century, leading Hitler expert Ian Kershaw wrote an influential biography of Hitler which used new sources to expound on Hitler's religious views.


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Comparing different views on the second battle of bull run

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Comparing different views on the second battle of bull run

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